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The Best Products For A Sun-Kissed Mediterranean Glow

Here are some of our tried and tested brands and tips to bring summer radiance to your complexion

The overcast British summers rarely lend an opportunity for basking in the sunshine, but when the sun does come out in all its glory, we tend to over do it only to end up with the traditional Brit on holiday “Lobster” look. There are ways of course, of achieving a fresh sun-kissed look without damaging the delicate surface of the skin with clever products that can be incorporated into our beauty routines to outwit the British summer for a sexy “fresh from the beach” glow.

Recommended for normal to dry skin types, this popular tinted moisturiser balances out redness and uneven skin tones for a natural nude finish. This product is receiving outstanding reviews, and is trending with make up connoisseurs worldwide. Available in 7 versatile shades.

Another option is to add a little “sunshine” to your foundation or moisturiser. This product is relatively new to the market and is one of those brilliant enhancers designed to transform whatever foundation or moisturiser you are already using in your beauty routine into a bronzer. This is one genius idea that can even be used in your foundation to create contour where needed. It has a matte, shimmer free finish for a more natural sun-kissed look.

Make up artist Carlos Palma loves this product and maintains it as a regular staple when working on photo shoots. This liquid bronzer is made from volatile oils and pigments, for a beautiful, flawless application justifying its premium cost. A little really does go a long way. It can be mixed in with your BB Cream, foundation or used on its own, and can be built up for a deeper bronze glow.

An essential focus for that “sun-kissed” glow is adding a summer flush to the cheeks. The sun often hits our cheeks first so it is an important consideration to the “bronzing” routine. This is a product that can only be described as divine. It is lightweight with a sultry, powdery finish that blends beautifully, and contains concentrated pigments, which means you only require a single drop for application. Available in 3 awesome shades.

A fave all around are the blush, lip and eye sticks from Nars created in 3 formulas that embody all your blushing, contouring and high-lighting needs, and is also available in a matte formula. Part of a new wave of multi-purpose and thought through cosmetics that are suitable for the busiest of make up bags. As the name suggests, they have multiple uses. The vast array of shades, named after exotic and chic destinations such as, South Beach, (my favourite for a deeper bronzed look) and rather eye brow raising names such as G-Spot spark the imagination and are on point.

The Matte formula can be used wet for a sheerer application or dry for a high impact effect. The original formula contains vitamin E and açai oil giving anti-oxidant benefits. When applying use fingers, as body heat makes for even application..

BEAUTY TIP: Apply a little bit of cheek colour to the outer edge of the nose, tip of the chin, and a little across the forehead to really emphasise the sun-kissed glow.

Through the typically humid British summer I have shamefully found myself in several situations with what many would call “a melted face”, and always at the wrong time. In an effort to rectify such a situation, I visited my local independent pharmacy that specialises in premium beauty products, Chave & Jackson, and walked away with a bag full of sample pots with a look of optimistic determination. In the end, Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser took first prize.

It is oil-free yet, soothing and hydrating with a promise of 12-hour coverage, and skin-perfecting colour formulated into it. It did not “melt” off and my skin looked flawless, regardless of the lightweight coverage. A taker for sure. It is available in 6 shades.

Complete The Look

It is recommended to stay away from powdered bronzers – they sometimes give a glittery appearance (save them for the evening). Then complete the look with a glossy lip, a light coat of mascara, then highlight the lids with a dusting of bronzer. This is a natural just back from a Mediterranean holiday.

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