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5 Important Steps to Selecting the Perfect Hair & Makeup for you Wedding Day

I took the time to drill Celebrity Hair and Makeup artist, Carlos Palma for the ins and out of getting your wedding day hair and make up on point, and making it happen seamlessly.

He often receives calls from brides at the very last minute, and by this he means 2 to 3 months before the wedding. At this stage of planning, most of the budget has been distributed with little funds left to cover hair and makeup artist fees. A real dilemma for such an important day when all eyes are on the bride.

You are the star of the spectacle. Your wedding day may be one of the biggest and most documented moments of your lifetime, a celebration of eternal devotion and love for your groom, so of course you want to make a lasting impression.

As the focal point of the celebration, the bride and groom will be photographed all day and night, not just your flowers, which at times sadly receive priority over hair and make up (although they do receive some attention at the wedding). Guests will soon forget the small details of your big day, yet often remember the details of what the bride, groom and wedding party were wearing and how beautiful and glowing the bride looked…hopefully. Most importantly your pictures will be there for a lifetime. It is essential not to skimp on hair and makeup for the sake of other details when doing the original budget.

1. How long in advance do I need to book a Hair & Makeup Artist?

It is recommended to secure a professional Hair and Makeup artist at the latest 6 months before the big day. Artists that are in demand are usually booked a year in advance.

You will be tempted to go to a makeup counter selling high end cosmetic brands with hopes of receiving bridal beauty tips, but save yourself the time and energy and avoid doing this at all cost. Although, on the fortunate occasion, there will be a well trained makeup artist representing the brand, you must keep in mind that these are retail representatives working for a cosmetic brand trained to promote the functions of their latest products, not a specialist who knows how to work with lighting and bridal artistry.

This can become very confusing and at an overwhelming time such as your wedding day, the pressure is on and the last thing you want is to put on your own make up with shaky hands, much less remember everything the rep at the makeup counter instructed.

2. How to choose a Hair and Makeup Artist

When selecting a Hair and makeup artist have a clear idea of how many people in the bridal party you want included in the quote.

It is important to consider the amount of time it would take to get everyone ready, so try not to be overly ambitious with the number of bridesmaids, mothers, etc. An experienced makeup artist will ensure your makeup looks flawless for the entire event, rather than melting off at the alter before the reception…and of course they know how to avoid panda eyes as you release those tears of joy.

3. What are the fees for hiring a specialist bridal Makeup/hair Artist?

Remember to set aside a budget for a Hair & Makeup Artist early on so that you look as good as the flowers and venue. All eyes will be on you!

If you are lucky, you will find an artist like Carlos Palma who is an expert in both bridal makeup and hair styling. The prices will vary depending on whether you hire two separate artists or if you find one that is capable of doing both skilfully like Carlos. A good artist is flexible and knowledgeable with makeup trends and will listen to their clients wishes, but also work with the brides own personal style.

The artists usually have a set price for the day, rather than charge by the number of persons they have scheduled. It is important to make sure they are willing to travel to your venue. Remember to confirm if there are any travel fees. The average price is about 40p per mile.The prices vary by what region of the country you live in. It could range from £300 to £700 per day. Carlos has travelled all over the Uk from London for his brides, including Colleen Rooney. Yes remember that wedding? He was the makeup artist who transformed her into the glowing bride you saw all over the tabloids.

There is also the option of having your hair and makeup done in a salon on the day of your wedding. They usually have set prices and usually charge individually for each member of the bridal party. The prices average about £75 for makeup and £75-£100 for hair. Not necessarily a bargain when you consider the number of people in the party. The better option is to hire someone that comes to you and charges a flat rate for the day.

4. Deciding your look/style for your special day:

Baroque-inspired up do’s have a “Couture Bride” appeal

•The first and most important thing to consider is your personal style, what defines you and how you want to represent yourself.

•Second is your dress. Even though you have an idea of what you want to look like on your wedding day you just may fall in love with a dress that you never thought you’d go for. This could change everything, meaning you would have to adjust the desired look. Veils and other hair accessories contribute to the overall look as well.

•Third is the Wedding Venue, if you select a barn for example, you may not want to go with a classic or glamorous look. Everything should have a common thread.

The most important thing to do is research!!! Look through magazines, internet images, Pinterest, even bridal blogs and start a collection of images that spark your imagination.

5. The Trial Run:

Wearing your hair down can be just as striking as the popular wedding day ‘up do’. It is important to trial the artist so that you are happy with the outcome, and avoid the stress of settling at the last minute.

Now that you’ve decided on some ideas for your look, it’s time to schedule in a Trial Run with the Hair and makeup artist you have selected. If you trust that you’ve made the right choice with the Artist you’ve chosen then ask them when it’s a good time to do the practice run. In most cases it would be about 3-4 weeks before the wedding. If you have doubts and think that the practice run should be more of an audition then I recommend that you schedule in the Trial as soon as possible so there is enough time to find someone to your liking.

The average cost for a trial run is about £150 and the H&M artist should dedicate at least 3 hours to you on that day. Even though you will be armed with loads of pictures you’ve been collecting, always ask the professional their opinion, they can look at your face shape and hair type and make some valid suggestions. Be ready to try a few different looks and in some cases, end up with something you love that you never thought you’d go for.

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